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Campus Sexual Assault Responses (CSAR): Informing Trauma-Informed Policies, Protocols, and Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Josh Bronson (He/Him) IACLEA
Hello everyone! Good to see so many people here!
Iris Cardenas
As a reminder, please submit your questions using the Q&A box. We will have a discussion at the end of the presentation.
Robyn Buchsbaum (she/her) ACHA
Here's a link to the ACHA toolkit https://www.acha.org/ACHA/Resources/Publications/Violence_Toolkit/ACHA/Resources/Addressing_Sexual_and_Relationship_Violence_A_Trauma_Informed_Approach.aspx?hkey=fc0413b8-eecd-4a05-89ef-98e60a9ddc50
Josh Bronson (He/Him) IACLEA
For more information on IACLEA's programs, feel free to reach out jbronson@iaclea.org. We work with all groups in providing training and routinely use our partners on campus to assist in providing said training. Campuses in the OVW campus grant program can fund our training through the grant. If you are police or public safety you can also use COPS Office CRI-TAC funds. Visit www.collaborativereform.org for more info or send me an e-mail.
Elizabeth Mumford
Preliminary Results: 55% of safety and security said they usually or always collaborate with local, non-school victim services. 66% of health and wellness services usually or always collaborate with local, non-school victim services.
Iris Cardenas
We still have time for more questions. If you have any, please submit them in the Q&A box.
Josh Bronson (He/Him) IACLEA
www.collaborativereform.org or email me at jbronson@iaclea.org
Josh Bronson (He/Him) IACLEA
Thank you everyone! Be safe!