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Increasing Rigorous Evaluation of Interventions to Reduce Gender-based Violence Victimization - Shared screen with speaker view
William Fleming
are slides suppose to be appearing....I only see the in context slide that has been up for awhile
Lisa Thompson
This is all part of providing context for the discussion we will be having today
William Fleming
thank you
Christopher Hall
How much, if any, of this research and funding targeting interventions with IPV/GBV perpetrators?
Tancy Vandecar-Burdin
Can you please provide the link to the consortium website that Judy is talking about?
Continuing Education
Please add your questions to the Q/A- we don’t want to miss them! Thanks
Maria Fernandez
Yes, please.
Judy Postmus (she & her)
Yolanda Ortiz-Rodriguez
Thank you
Maria Fernandez
Thank you!
Tancy Vandecar-Burdin
Thank you!
Christine Crossland
Iris Cardenas
A reminder to post your questions to the panelists in the Q&A section, a panel discussion will follow
Christine Crossland
NIJ Publication: Roadmap to Violence Against Women Research: The NIJ Compendiumhttps://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/301583.pdf
Christopher Hall
Culturally Responsive Approaches - a specific evaluation theory and approach
Christopher Hall
CRE = Culturally Responsive Evaluation
Christopher Hall
That speaks to specific research strategies, not evaluation theories or approaches. Professional evaluation research has these very specifically outlined, such as through the American Evaluation Association and other such evaluation focused research groups.
Christopher Hall
I am unclear about this dialogue - it referenced evaluation, but I do not hear references to evaluation research, at least how it applies within professional evaluation training and research. I hear the term more being used to describe what is being done, but not in any association with or knowledge of professional evaluation. Even though it is problematic, how about something on Alkin's Theory Tree or Merten's and Wilson's social justice theoretical frameworks
Christopher Hall
Thank you. I'm just confused with the label of evaluation, but little to no relation to evaluation research specifically.
Christopher Hall
Links to Hopson's work on Culturally Responsive Evaluation, perhaps? Specific process involved as a part of that?
Christopher Hall
Is there any connection between this workgroup and the American Evaluation Association? I heard about this presentation from that source, but the details so far have not been associated with professional evaluation other than in tools used, not in thinking behind the unique nature of IPV/GBV/VAW and how traditional experimental designs, psychological research, criminological research, etc are not well designed for dynamics that are focused on belief systems behind abusive and violent behavior.
Christopher Hall
How about intersectional oppression dynamics and how they are researched within a professional evaluation framework?
Lisa Thompson
As a reminder, this webinar is co-sponsored by the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the National Institute of Justice and is meant for a wider audience of researchers and practitioners who may have a variety of backgrounds and interest in different types of gender-based violence and programs.
Christopher Hall
Thank you, Chris, for referencing logic models. Evaluation theories often go both into and beyond such tools, and others used by evaluation research that have very specific frames for approaches and theories that assist in understanding the unique nature of the evaluand that is under consideration. My questions were about those frames of the theories and tools used. While specific to evaluation research, the questions are important for addressing IPV/GBV/VAW
Chris O'Sullivan
The disjunct between looking at victimization and predictions vs. looking at offender behavior is embedded in programs and practices. The LAP measures "victims' risk," when what we are predicting is what the offender will do (as well as his access). Reframing and using more accurate language might produce better studies and more useful interpretation of existing studies.
Christopher Hall
excellent point
Christine Crossland
Funding Opportunity AnnouncementNIJ FY22 Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women solicitationOpportunity ID: O-NIJ-2022-171197Closing Date: May 10, 2022https://nij.ojp.gov/funding/O-NIJ-2022-171197.pdf
Christopher Hall
More developmental evaluations would be nice with IPV intervention programs, honestly.
Tancy Vandecar-Burdin
Thank you for hosting the webinar. Very interesting perspectives on the work that has been done and should be done in the future.
Sarah McMahon
Thanks everyone!
Iris Cardenas
Thank you everyone for joining us today!
Ekwutosi Chelsy Emezina-Iyoke
Thank you Everyone
Alyse Campbell
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Maria Fernandez
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