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Experiences of Black UMB Students, Scholars, and Alumni - Shared screen with speaker view
Sade Brown
I don’t see her photo.
Shani Fleming (she, her)
Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and sharing your experiences. It provides validation for so many of us who have similar experiences. So exhausting
Ivan Lamas-Sanchez
Yes the CURE Scholars program is from 6th-12th grade. Our oldest scholars are current juniors and we have a summer program database for students ranging from MIT to UMD to the UCs, we are connecting them with mentors whom are experts in the field that the scholar is interested in, and all of our students complete jobs and internships over the summer.
Bonnie Bissonette
All: It looks like we will not have time for questions today, so if you have any comments, questions, or ideas for future events in this series, please send to globaltimore@umaryland.edu, the Center for Global Engagement. Thank you all for being here today for this critically important event,
Patty Alvarez
Thank you to the panelists for sharing your experiences and for all of the great contributions you make on and off campus - despite and in spite of the racism and bias you have experienced. Kudos to your professor, Nana.